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What do you know about Waxing

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

What do you Know about Waxing?

Are you a pro waxing or someone who prefers depilation?

Let's get some information here!

Not every wax treatment is necessarily well done and not all waxes are good! So skills as training and experience as conditions like products and environment make a big difference in the result

But let's get some information about depilation and epilation systems.

Depilation is any process where the hair is cut/removed at the skin level or above and the bulb remains; Epilation is any process where the whole hair is completely removed (literally extracted), including the bulb.

Shaving and electric epilators:

Traumatic/Bad: in general shaving can lead to cuts and the foams and products involved are not the most delicate at all. Hair removal creams literally "melt" the hair and can easily lead to side effects as inflammations and reactions. The electric epilator removes the hairs one by one (it pulls 1000 small times instead of a big one, and usually nobody keeps the skin well stretched) and can cause friction burns cause of his rotating movement.

Hygienic: Razors (electric and traditional) and electric epilators are not bad themselves, but it is not hygienic the way we use them: can you swear me you throw away the normal razor and wash properly with soap your electric epilator/razor after every use? No! And maybe you even share it with your other family members... So this is the problem that lead to bacterial proliferation and in part to folliculitis.

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