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Long Lashes Serum: The Truth that can make you Blind

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Long Lashes Serum: these Products are actually medicines that should be sold at the pharmacy following a prescription from the doctor. However, today it is possible circumvent the restrictions and buy these products also or mainly on the internet.

If you do, remember that you are handling a drug that, however safe, can still have significant side effects. More precisely it could damage you: an excessive use of medications/drugs can lead to bad side effects.

To know the origin of these products we have to go back in time until 1997. In that year, the American Journal of Ophtalmology publishes an article which describes a curious and unexpected side effect for an eye drop: lengthening of the eyelashes.

The researchers tested the effect on about ninety patients, but only in one eye, keeping the other as a control. At the end of the study, the eyelashes of the treated eyes were 20% longer than those of the untreated eyes.

The cause are a group of molecules from the prostaglandins family, used as drugs for the treatment of glaucoma (eye disease that can lead to blindness). It is not clear why the eyelashes are getting longer. The data collected over the years suggest that prostaglandins act on the follicle prolonging the hair growth phase and thus allowing the achievement of a longer length. From these initial results, to the announcement of having a miraculous remedy, the step was very short.

Companies have begun to invest in the search for similar and perhaps even more effective molecules than those used until then. Among these, we find a synthetic molecule that acts like prostaglandins and which, in 2007, is used by Jan Marini Skin Research to produce the first cosmetic that extends eyelashes, the Age Intervention Eyelash.

In reality, what Jean Marini proposes is neither more nor less than the eye drops for the treatment of glaucoma.

Just enough to attract the Food and Drug Administration which, in fact, in November of the same year calls for the immediate seizure of more than 12,000 bottles for sale.

Indeed, US legislation does not allow the active ingredients authorized as drugs to be used in cosmetics without specific authorization.

In particular, the FDA's concern is that people already treated with prostaglandins for the treatment of glaucoma, can use the cosmetic product lightly, risking permanent damage to the optic nerve and retina.

This blow does not discourage Jean Marini's competitors, who instead exploit it to conquer terrain. In 2008, another pharmaceutical company, Allergan, decided to do things right and asked the FDA to approve bimatoprost also for cosmetic use.

The analysis of the American focuses on the safety of the product, rather than on the effectiveness and after a year of work, the FDA approves the marketing of the new cosmetic product that will take the name of "Latisse" and that will start the dozens of other similar products. Since, however, drugs, both in the United States and in our country, the sale is allowed only in pharmacies and only upon presentation of a prescription.

This article has been translated and adapted from the original of Beatrice Mautino, please follow her very informative blog!

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