Massage for All skin type, with 100% Extra Virgin Oils and Essential Oils.
Manual Treatment

A relaxing massage with Lymphatic drainage techniques performed on the selected areas with a 100% natural mix of the precious cold pressed Oils and Essential Oils that suits better the client's needs. The Massage is always different and created at the moment to offer the best solution for the current situation (heavy legs, request to focus on the back, constipation problems...).

The mind is relaxed, the skin is soft and moisturized, and the body is drained. The high blood pressure is reduced and the muscles are relaxed. The production of endorphins is higher and depression or sadness are one step farther.

Duration: 30 /  60 / 90 minutes.

€ 35 / € 60 / € 85

Hot Stone Ritual

Hot Stone_edited_edited.jpg

Deep Relaxing body and face Massage-Treatment
with Hot Stones

Manual Treatment

A real Ritual, not only a relaxing massage. From the aromatic blend until the very last moment, the whole treatment is aimed to obtain the most relaxing feeling.  The Ritual has been created at Armonia da Linda therefore it is exclusive .

The warm temperature of the stones, the soft meditation-oriented music, the pure almond oil, the essential oil based blend, the comforting atmosphere and every single step is deeply relaxing, energizing and therapeutic.

The greatest way to treat yourself especially in the cold months.

Duration: 90 minutes.

€ 95

Scrub Massage

A 100% Natural Scrub made with Essential Oils and Precious Oils applied in the whole body with a deep massage to remove dead cells and help the skin's renewal process. After a shower, the treatment continues with a Relaxing Massage to deeply moisturize and hydrate the skin.

Manual Treatment


  • The Scrub is applied on the body and face with a gentle massage to renewing and moisturize the skin. (90 min)

  • A energizing massage is performed on face and body


The mind and body are relaxed. Skin is deeply moisturized and hydrated, soft revitalized and renewed.

Tanning will be more intense and long-lasting.

The waxing treatment will have a better result and every cosmetic applied will penetrate deeper.

The ritual to revive the skin.

Duration: 75 min/ 90 min

€ 60 / € 70

Cellulite Extra  
Wrap+US Treatment

To reduce cellulite in critical areas.

No more Orange peel skin

Atlantic Sea Salt and Essential Oils wrapping to lighten the area through osmosis natural process while slimming.

During the pose period, the Cavitational Ultrasound session (that empty the fat cells from the liquid part) is performed on a targeted area where the cellulite is older and worse.

A lymphatic drainage massage with essential oils to detoxify and reactivate the blood and lymphatic circulation for the most complete drainage, while the application of slimming techniques helps in firming and shaping.

Duration: 90 min

€ 70
cellulite wrap.jpg

Wrap Treatment

Atlantic Sea Salt and Essential Oils wrapping to lighten the legs through osmosis natural process.

Manual Treatment

The pose period is followed by a lymphatic drainage massage to detoxify and reactivate the blood and lymphatic circulation for the most complete drainage while slimming, firming and reducing.


The Legs are lighter and belly less swollen.

The skin is smoother and circulation improved.

The feeling of vital skin after a long time.

Duration: 75 min

€ 50

Slimming & Shaping
US Focused Treatment

The best treatment against body imperfections for that part with fat accumulation.

An intense Cavitational Ultrasound session, that empties the fat cells from the liquid part on a targeted area, followed by a massage using slimming techniques to drain the liquids that comes out and reducing the volume of the area.

The final massage is with Essential Oils, slimming, firming, reducing and draining.

Duration: 60 min

€ 65
Slimming and Firming.jpg

Cellulite Mud Treatment

The skin is soft, revitalized and healthy. The excess of liquids is drained and the circulation reactivated. The feeling of heavy legs is reduced.

A 100% Natural Mud with Green Clay, Atlantic Sea Salt and Essential Oils are applied where necessary ( upper legs, lower legs or belly) with elastic wraps and left on for 30 minutes.

It's necessary to shower to remove the mud and refresh the skin.

A 100% Natural draining and Anti-Cellulite massage with Essential Oils is performed on the whole lower body to detoxify, reduce and reactivate the circulation while deeply moisturize and hydrate the skin.

Duration: 75 min

€ 60